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Manhole Workspace Made Better and Safer
HURCO’s RIPCORD and Super RIPCORD ventilators have been engineered to quickly string sewer lines and create a safe, unobstructed manhole work environment.  

Create Safe Workspace
OSHA requires continuous ventilation of manhole workspaces, HURCO makes it happen safely and efficiently. Click here to learn more about the OSHA 1910.146 regulation.

The RIPCORD’s “cross ventilation” application creates a safe, comfortable work environment as dust and dangerous gases are drawn away. Specifically designed for our industry, HURCO’s RIPCORD creates an air dam effect that blocks sewer gases from migrating from adjacent pipes in nearly all manhole configurations.

Waste Little Time
It only takes minutes to setup and operate the RIPCORD and Super RIPCORD. You have HURCO’s assurance of the most productive and efficient ventilators available.

Ventilate Faster
HURCO’s RIPCORD and Super RIPCORD features precision balanced cast aluminum impellers for maximum air movement at high resistance.

More Workspace, Low Noise
The unit itself is located away from the immediate workspace minimizing noise allowing for better communications and providing an unobstructed space for easier access and ample work area.

In those few occasions where “cross ventilation” is not possible, Hurco offers a Blow-in Ventilation Kit for “dilution ventilation.” Our kit comes with 20’ of industrial mining duct. This long-lasting tough duct was designed for the rough work of underground mining… and only Hurco offers this important Vent Kit component.

HURCO also offers a “Stringer Kit” for retrieving ropes and cables for close-circuit TV gear, cleaning equipment and deflection gauges. It can also be used for HURCO’s new Whistle Gauge to speed up the time it takes to do deflection testing.

For information on methods of “Cross Ventilation” and “Dilution Ventilation” HURCO offers a FREE video to help you meet OSHA’s requirements.

  • RIPCORD - up to 4,130 CFM at 3.0 static pressure

  • Super RIPCORDTM up to 8,761 CFM at 3.0 static pressure
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