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Spin Doctor - The Total Solution
  Hurco Technologies has what you need in rugged, dependable exercising solutions. The Spin Doctor® offers a safe and easy solution to keep your valve and hydrant inventory in perfect condition. Quick set up means more valves and hydrants per day. Finger tip control means little or no risk of operator fatigue or injury. Spin Doctor® boasts the industry’s greatest range of motion; no one comes close. Rugged construction means years of service and only Hurco offers a Lifetime Warranty against boom damage caused by torque.

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North American Spin Doctor Users Map
See where users of the Industry's most rugged, dependable and safest to operate valve and hydrant exerciser are located.
Spin Doctor 400 With ER Video

Seeing is believing...
Watch the video for an in-depth look at how the Spin Doctor® can be the total solution for you.

Spin Doctor® Reference Manual
Spin Doctor® Specifications
Spin Doctor® Catalog

Dare To Compare
We believe the HURCO SpinDoctor Valve & Hydrant Exercisers are the best the industry has to offer. We’re confident that our valve exercisers can meet and exceed the competition in any ordinary or extraordinary valve or hydrant exercising situation or environment. See for yourself in the examples below.

Widest Range of Motion
in the Industry

Exercise up to 60% more valves per day. Reach valves and hydrants behind curbs, in boulevards and multiple valves in close proximity without repositioning the vehicle. Just get it close and the Spin Doctor's wide range-of-motion capabilities will do the rest. Any valve or hydrant is within easy reach - exceeding competitive models by a wide margin.

With the ER™ (Extended Reach) option, the Spin Doctor® can reach nearly door-to-door or wheel-to-wheel providing quick access to any valve or hydrant.

The SpinDoctor boom is made of high strength steel tubing that is of sufficient size and strength that when it tries to bend on the weak axis and then twist it can carry the loads. It has the strength and flexibility to go up to 500 foot pounds of torque and show no signs of yielding with no permanent deformations in any of the parts of the boom.

Additional tests have been conducted with the SpinDoctor boom using a 4-1 multiplier that pushed the torque rating to over 2,000 foot pounds without showing no signs of failure.

Spin Doctor Hitch Configurations
Rear Hitch Mount
The Spin Doctor® boom can be mounted on the rear hitch receiver of any light duty vehicle.
Front Hitch Mount
The Spin Doctor® boom can be mounted on the front hitch receiver and secures to 90 degrees for safe travel.
Trailer Mount
A popular configuration is the Spin Doctor® trailer mounted system.
Valve&Vac Mount
The Valve & Vac™ system will quickly clean valve boxes making access to the valve a snap!
4x4 Off Road Mount
This off-road utility vehicle can get to places that standard trucks and utility vehicles can't.
Quick and Easy Alignment
With extensive range of motion and a multi-directional swiveling head, the Spin Doctor® quickly mounts to almost any valve or hydrant eliminating the need for critical, time consuming vehicle alignment.
Ease of Use
Spin Doctor® is fingertip light and easy to position over the valve or hydrant. The Spin Doctor® defies gravity with its unique gas spring design.

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