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Valve & Hydrant Maintenance System

Have you ever opened a valve box only to find it full of dirt? Or, the valve box has been damaged or knocked off alignment? These problems occur all too often and can delay your valve exercising activities.


Valve & Vac® is a powerful vacuum that features the Spin Doctor® valve and hydrant exerciser. This unique combination will save municipalities thousands of dollars in delays caused by bringing in outside help when valve boxes are damaged or full of debris.

It can take hours and cost hundreds of dollars when you pull your expensive sewer cleaning trucks off another job just to clean a valve box. With a powerful vacuum and high pressure water jet, the Valve & Vac® will eliminate this delay. You can easily emulsify soil and quickly vacuum it away in minutes.

It can take days to get utility locations and a crew assembled to repair a damaged valve box. With the Valve & Vac®, you can do the same job in approximately one hour and there is no need to worry about buried utilities. Save thousands of dollars over traditional valve box excavation and repair!

The Valve & Vac® is easily towable with a small pickup or utility vehicle. It can be maneuvered into areas that would be impossible with larger vacuum trucks and the Valve & Vac® is a fraction of the cost of those giant trucks.

The Spin Doctor® feature of the Valve & Vac® system, makes accessing and exercising a valve or hydrant a snap! The Spin Doctor® features the industries greatest range of motion. Multiple valves in close proximity can be exercised without repositioning the Valve & Vac®. Vertical and horizontal articulation means the Spin Doctor® can reach valves and hydrants that would be impossible for competitive models.

The Valve Star® option available for the Spin Doctor® will give you complete data collection for your valve or hydrant exercising activities. With patented, integrated GPS, you can pinpoint your valve or hydrants while you exercise them. You will also be collecting data on other valve and hydrant exercising activities such as torque applied to the valve, revolution and cycle count, and much more.

As an option, only the Valve & Vac® system allows for fire flow testing of your fire hydrants. Utilizing Hydro Flow’s UL and/or FM listed Hose Monster, you can be assured of an accurate fire flow test as you exercise your fire hydrants. Only Hurco offers this unique feature.

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