Improve Worksite Efficiency with a ShoreLock Pump

Reinforce the walls of your trenches with ease by making use of our ShoreLock Pump. This pump helps to decrease the manpower you will need to shore up the walls of your dug trenches properly. This means that you can more quickly get to work on your main projects, such as laying down a new sewer pipe or waterline. Additionally, by choosing to use hydraulic shoring in your trench, you can have peace of mind that your workers are safe from the risk of cave-in or collapse. Contact us to learn more about our shoring pumps and other technologies, such as our hydrostatic test pumps, to meet your pipe laying needs.

Made for Any Worksite

Hurco Tech understands that worksites can be rugged and dangerous places. That is why we build our pumps with high-quality parts and components. We use high-pressure hoses that are rated far above the operating pressure of our pumps, ensuring that they will not fail. Our pumps also feature solid rubber wheels meaning there is no risk of a flat when moving your equipment around the job site. To learn more about our ShoreLock Pumps or to test one in action at your worksite, reach out to our office.

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