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We strive to provide the latest technologies and innovations to ensure our customers have the best products available, which allows them to be more productive and profitable. We are committed to providing the safest equipment available with the highest quality design, production, and support.


Hurco Technologies, Inc. manufacturers various products for maintaining and repairing sewer and water systems. We proudly developed these products because of our first hand experience working in the field and experiencing the frustrations of not having the proper equipment for the job. Inventing new tools or methods for doing the job better and safer is what drives our company.


In 1972, Lynn Hurley started working for a sewer and water contractor in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Through that experience, he was able to save enough money to purchase a tractor backhoe and start Hurley Construction Company, which installed sewer and water lines in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. The company grew rapidly through the 70’s and expanded into other areas of service work related to sewer and water installations. In 1977, Lynn had his first invention, a pipe re-rounder for repairing deflected PVC sewer pipe. After this, he formed a service company called Hurco Pipeline Technologies and started doing PVC pipe re-rounding and other testing for utility contractors in the United States and Canada. In 1981, he decided to start Hurco Technologies, a manufacturing business to build products that help sewer and water contractors do their jobs better and more efficiently. He has grown Hurco over the years to include basic products like manhole ventilators and deflection gauges, to more complex portable vacuum machines, valve exercisers, and software products. To date, Lynn has been awarded 23 United States Patents, with several patents pending. Retiring from the daily operations of the business in January of 2013, he handed down the company to his children, Beckie and Mike. His mission to provide the water and wastewater industry remains unchanged as he assists them in continuing to pursue new product development.

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