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Our Ripcord Pipeline Ventilator creates a safe work environment almost instantly with cross ventilation. When used as a pipeline line stringer, your line will be pulled manhole to manhole in seconds. Cut deflection testing time by over half when used to pull our aluminum Whistle Deflection Gauges. Briggs & Stratton Engine. 


Optional kits available: 
Stringer Kit - Includes 8-12" Parachute and Rope Reel with 1000' of 1/8" Rope

Blow-in Ventilation Kit - Includes Cowl, Stand, and 20' of Duct (8" for Standard Ventilator; 12" for Super Ventilator)

RIPCORD Pipeline Ventilator & Line Stringer

  • The smallest manhole size the Super Pipeline Ventilator will fit is 24". This is typically used for pipes 54" and larger; the standard pipeline ventilator is ideal for most applications.